Northside Coalition for Children, Inc.

At The End of The Day, it is about the Children! 

It is about Servant Leadership!

In 2008, Northside Coalition for Children, Inc. was formed as a nonprofit organization for the purpose of ensuring that ALL students and teachers received the supplies they needed prior to the first day of school for free. It has been NCC's mission, with your dedicated and continued support, that we continue to do so 15 years later! As a first grade student attending Camelot Elementary School, I remember how my teacher made me feel because I did not have any supplies on the first day of school. No child should ever feel embarrassed or less than because of what they do not have and can not afford. It has been my life's mission the past 32 years, to make sure that equity matters for ALL children regardless of their zip code. 
Together, as a community and a team of people who believe it is not about us but others, we can and we shall make a difference in the lives of those we serve! 
Dr. HM

Upcoming Events:
16th Annual Citywide Back to School Rally
Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School
1800 Mosby Street

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Executive Team and Board Members:

Dr. Shonda Harris-Muhammed, Founder and Executive Director Garret Sawyer, Chief of Staff and Marketing
Demetrius Muhammed, Chief Operating Officer/Financial Secretary
Anthony Harris-Muhammed, President
Khadijah Harris-Muhammed, 1st Vice President
Troyana Cheatham, 2nd Vice President
Pastor Ben Coe: Honorary Member
Alfreda Cheatham, Board Member
Dr. Milondra Coleman, Board Member
Sheila Phillips, Board Member
Janet Hawkes Pleasants, Board Member
Amanda Holcombe, Immediate Past Board Member and Webmaster